Set up an Oracle Cluster File System

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You want to start your clustering experiences with an Oracle Cluster File System. Here is how. This is an example using SUSE Linux 11.2. As shared storage we use an iscsi storage.

We assume here they are named node1 and node2 and have the IP addresses and

On both nodes, configure your iscsi initiator, install everything that yast proposes:

yast2 iscsi-client

On both nodes, install ocfs2 software

yast -i ocfs2-tools ocfsconsole ocfs2-tools-o2cb

On both nodes, make the cluster services start at boot

/etc/init.d/o2cb enable

You get a message "cluster not known". That is okay.

establish passwordless login between all nodes.

Start ocfs2console, write the cluster nodes in with their local host names (what the command "hostname" return).