Troubleshooting display

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Got a problem with your display and you do not know if it is the graphics card, the monitor, or the display manager settings? This page is here to help you.

sync frequency

If you see a "sync frequency" error on your monitor, you probably have wrong monitor or graphic card settings. To overcome this, find out your distribution and proceed accordingly:


  • Boot the computer into text mode, log in and enter
  • A graphical environment pops up that lets you select a working configuration for your graphics card and monitor.
  • Select a working environment and finish SaX2.

grey login screen

I had it several times that SUSE Linux presented me a grey login screen instead of the default one. You would still be able to login, but then everything would be strange (after some research, you would say "TWM comes up instead of KDE"). To change this:

  • choose System -> /etc/sysconfig Editor -> Desktop -> Display manager -> DISPLAYMANAGER -> KDM
  • click Finish
  • reboot the computer

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