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Find the source of your software on the internet - best to use Typically, it is a compressed file with an extension like tar.gz or tar.bz2. Use tar bunzip2 or unzip to extract the archive.

For example, download and unpack pingus:

bunzip2 pingus-0.6.0-binary-linux-i386.tar.bz2
tar xvf pingus-0.6.0-binary-linux-i386.tar
cd pingus-0.6.0

Look for a file named README or something similar and read it.

kwrite README

Now, you must run the configuration for the build and build it. You need to be a superuser for this.

su -
./configure && make && make install


Most likely the configure script will fail because of missing dependencies to the development packages. No worry, read and follow the hints at configure. You will also find examples there.

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