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KVM is the Linux kernel's native virtualization.

I'm a beginner Linux user and was lkoiong for a source that would introduce me to Linux as well as would turn me into a confident beginning Linux operator. This book doesn't meet that simple criterion. It is one big puzzle from the start. And even though one might be inclined to say that this is a well though-out approach as to make the reader learn more I don't think so. I have read many computer books before and it doesn't have to be this way. Examples of frustrating encounters are chapters in which the author uses concepts that have yet to be introduced. It is confusing as you, as the reader, don't really know whether or not you missed something. But in every case, it turns out that the subject is being discussed further down the road. This made me then skip some chapters and start reading the Running Commands From The Shell chapter. But even in that chapter, I felt left in the dark as simple concepts as downloading and installing a package was not even described. In fact, you can find that particular topic in chapter one, where a few very narrow examples are given. I don't know Mr. Negus and haven't read anything prior from him. But I feel he really let me down in starting my initial Linux experience. The reason I feel confident to write this review is that I have purchased another book which really has made the Linux experience a good one. For those who are interested . if you're new to Linux and would like to get a kickstart consider A Practical Guide to Linux by Mark Sobell.


# virsh list --all
# cp -r /var/lib/xen/images/virtual_machine /target


Kernel crash [ Reason: WARNING: at net/sced/sch_generic.c:258 dev_watchdog +0xc6/0x12e() ]Gnome panel crash [ Reason: Process /usr/bin/gnome-panel was killed by siagnl 11 (SIGSEGV) ]And is happening at every start from live DVD. Well, this doesn't seem to bea rock solid release. No ofense. Waiting for the real rock.(I tried on three computers especially the gnome panel error was present)

internal error No <source> 'bridge' attribute specified

Symptom: When starting a virtual machine you get an error

internal error No <source> 'bridge' attribute specified with <interface type='bridge'/>

To resolve this

  • you disable networking

hypervisor not running

Symptom: When creating a new virtual machine you get an error message

Error launching manager: A hypervisor is not running.  For kvm, load the kvm kernel modules.  If you want to run xen, reboot and load the xen kernel.


  • load the kvm kernel modules like this:
modprobe kvm-intel
  • restart virt-manager