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Mediawiki is a wiki software used by wikipedia and this wiki.

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If you want to do a backup of your mediawiki installation, you need to backup the articles, the programs, the configuration files and the media file (like pictures etc.).


On the application layer:

php maintenance/dumpBackup.php --full >backup.xml

On the database layer, if your database name is wikidb:

mysqldump wikidb >wikidbdump.sql

Media files





This describes how to migrate a wiki from one computer to another. It copies the mediawiki software and the content. Let's assume your mediawiki is running on computer earth and you want to have it running on mars.

  • copy your mediawiki software
  • on mars, delete LocalSettings.php
  • call your wiki on mars. You get the opportunity to set up your wiki.


  • attention! If you use two mediawiki instances on one host, always use the same passwords for the database use
  • on earth, do a backup of your content to backup.xml. Copy it to your local computer.
  • log on to the wiki on mars as WikiSysop, choose Special Pages -> Import Pages and upload backup.xml.
  • all pages are imported! Look for Main_Page's history, you will find an addtional version containing earth's actual main page.
  • you may have to adjust upload_max_filesize in /etc/php5/apache2


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