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nm is a tool that lists the names of functions exported by a binary file.

For example

# nm /usr/lib/qt3/lib/libqassistantclient.a

gives a list of functions that contains:

00000350 T _ZN16QAssistantClient2trEPKcS1_
000004d0 T _ZN16QAssistantClient5errorERK7QString
000003e0 T _ZN16QAssistantClient6trUtf8EPKcS1_
00000000 B _ZN16QAssistantClient7metaObjE
00000210 T _ZN16QAssistantClient7qt_castEPKc
00000540 T _ZN16QAssistantClient7qt_emitEiP8QUObject
         U _ZN16QAssistantClient8readPortEv
         U _ZN16QAssistantClient8showPageERK7QString

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