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Tor is a software and network that helps you browse anonymously. For example you want to rent a car in the USA and you get the feeling that EURO prices are higher than Dollar prices. So you just do not want to tell you are browsing from an EU computer and see what offers you get.

This article shows an example how to use tor on SUSE Linux 11.4.


To install tor, build the source code. The x86_64 variant of the executables has not been published for SUSE (as of 2011-05-08).

tar xvzf Downloads/tor-*
  • add the main (OSS) community repository to your SUSE repositories
  • install some dependencies:
yast -i libevent-devel
cd tor-*
./configure && make -j8 && make install
  • install a proxy
yast -i privoxy

Run it

  • start privoxy
tweedleburg:/etc/privoxy # /usr/sbin/privoxy --user privoxy.privoxy --pidfile /var/run/
tweedleburg:/etc/privoxy # echo $?
tweedleburg:/etc/privoxy # ps -A | grep privoxy
28087 ?        00:00:00 privoxy
tweedleburg:/etc/privoxy # 

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