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USB card readers provide USB Storage to your computer. When using or buying them, take care: Many USB card readers are not able to read SD HC cards, just regular SD cards.

Use it

To use a USB card reader open a console and

  • clear your syslog
dmesg -c
  • attach the card reader with the card in it to a USB port
  • read your syslog
  • watch for some lines that tell you as which device the card reader was attached:
[34773.554609]  sdc: sdc1
in this case it was attached as disk /dev/sdc, containing a partition /dev/sdc1
  • make sure you are root
su  -
  • create a directory for your flash card
mkdir /mnt/sdc1
  • mount your flash reader's card to this directory
mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/sdc1

Now your SD card's files can be found under /mnt/sdc1

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