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This article shows how to set up webmail. We use the software Squirrelmail.

Download SquirrelMail from http://www.SquirrelMail.org. Unpack it:

tar xvzf squirrelmail-1.4.15.tar.gz

Configure it:

cd squirrelmail-1.4.15

Install it:

mv squirrelmail* /srv/www/htdocs/mail



Your charset is set inside Squirrelmail by your choice of language (Options->Language). If you choose Default as language, you can set your charset in config/config.php and config/config_default.php. The key is called default_charset. It can be e.g. UTF8.

Next steps

See also

  • roundcube - a competing web mail program
  • horde - a competing web mail program