Connect to the internet via an UMTS connection using SUSE 13.1

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This describes an example how to surf via UMTS under Linux. The example has been done on 2014-04-17 in Germany with the otelo SurfStick in the T-D1 network on SUSE Linux 13.1. It may work same or similar with another hardware, distribution, phone network or country. Here are the steps I took after buying:

Activate it

Due to legal requirements I had to hand out my ID card to the shop assistant and she activated the SIM card for me.


  • log in to SUSE using KDE
  • NetworkManager is running as an icon in the system tray
  • attach your UMTS stick
  • click on NetworkManager -> Enable mobile broadband
  • click on NetworkManager -> New GSM connection -> Germany -> Telekom
  • log out and back in again
  • when required, enter your pin
  • click on NetworkManager -> Telekom connection


  • start firefox, surf to
  • you are redirected to a page where you can choose which plan you want to use (e.g. one day for 2.95 €)
  • select a plan


You can now use

  • GSM
  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • UMTS


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