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Issue rpm dpkg
how files are called *.rpm *.deb
list all installed packages rpm -qa dpkg -l
list all installed packages by order of installation date rpm -qa --last
install a package from a file rpm -i file.rpm dpkg -i file.deb
list package content rpm -ql package dpkg -L package
list package file content rpm -qpl file.rpm
find what package provides the installed file /bin/ls rpm -qf /bin/ls dpkg --search /bin/ls
look at a package file description dpkg -I file.deb
look at a package description rpm -qi package apt-cache show package
find which installed package provides /bin/bash rpm -qf /bin/bash dpkg -S /bin/bash (to also search in not installed packages you can use apt-file)
find what program provides the file Xlib.h auto-apt search Xlib.h
extract a package rpm2cpio file.rpm | cpio -id dpkg -x datei.deb target_folder
remove a package, but do not run pre-uninstall scripts before rpm -e --nopreun xyz rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/xyz.prerm; dpkg -r xyz

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